Q. Download our mobile apps for android, blackberry and iphone.

Download our mobile apps for android, blackberry and iphone

Q. How do I book TABcab?

TABcab cab be booked through the following channels

  • Website: Log on to www.tabcab.in and book your cab in less than 60 seconds
  • Call 63636363 and our customer care executives will help you to book your TABcab.
  • Download our mobile apps for android, blackberry and iphone

Or you can hail a TABcab with ‘For Hire’ sign

Q. What are the timings of TABcab Services?

TABcab is available 24/7 for 365 days

Q. Can I hail a TABcab on the road?    

Sure. Anyone can hail a TABcab with ‘For Hire’ sign to reach their desired destination     

Q. Are there some extra charges for booking TABcab online/through call center?

No. There are no charges to book a TABcab

Q. Will I be charged for waiting time also?

Yes. You will be charged for the waiting time, Rs. 2.20 per minute for day time and Rs. 2.75 per minute for night waiting charges.

Q. Can I cancel a booking made?

Yes you can cancel your booking through website, call centre and mobile apps

Q. What if I want to cancel a booking will I have to pay?

No, there are no cancellation charges

Q. What is the fare that I will be charged?

Click Here for More Details .

Q. What are the modes of payment?    

Payment can be made by TABcab wallet or by Cash to your respective Saathi.      

Q. Will I get a printed receipt for the amount paid?

Yes. Our Saathi will provide printed receipts for the fare

Q. Can I use TABcab without flagging down meter?


Q. What if I left something behind?

You can get in touch with us on feedback@tabcab.in Or Call 63636363 and we will ensure to help you to locate the lost item

Q. In which other cities is the TABcab Services currently available?

TABcab operates only in Mumbai

Q. Do I have to register on your website for online booking?

Yes, the registration is mandatory to book a cab online

Q. I am a registered user and have forgotten my password!

Pls click the forgot password box on the login page, follow the steps mentioned and we will sms/email your new password

Q. Do I need to give my credit/debit card detail for online booking?

There is no monetary transaction involved in online booking for Tabcab

Q. What if the car shows up late?

Pls contact the customer care on 63636363 and they will help your trace your cab