Book your cab through mobile app in less than 30 seconds. We bring you native application on Android, Blackberry, I Phone, Windows platform, which makes cab booking easy, light and superfast for its premium passengers on the go.

The key features include:

1.Convenient selection of pickup and drop location using various methods.
  a)  By tapping on MAP.
  b)  By typing you current location.
  c)  By Clicking on your current location using GPRS/GPS.
  d)  By using your favorite location tagged by you.
  e)  By clicking on your past travel locations.
  f)  By clicking on the Airport icon.
2.Once the cab is assigned, you can track the cab in real-time on the map with estimated distance and time of arrival.
3.Call the Saathi (chauffeur) directly from the App.
4.Ability to check details of previous bookings, fare details and provide valuable feedback about our services.
5.Push notifications for various alerts like booking confirmation, cab & Saathi (chauffeur) details.
6.Emergency Alert: A very useful feature in the app is “Safe Assure”, which can be used even when you have not booked a TABcab cab or travelling in one. Once you select the number of a family member or a friend, this feature can be used to trigger an emergency buzzer on family member’s (friends) phones in case of need. They will also receive an SMS with your location details and see the location of user on the map.